Probity Advice

The Principles of Probity
The three main principles of probity are:

  • Equity;
  • Transparency; and
  • Accountability.

Three issues ever present within assessment processes include:

  • Conflict of interest;
  • Value for Money; and
  • Executive prerogative.

Roman Krumins Corporate Solutions is highly experienced in providing probity advice and audit services and has developed a highly refined methodology for building probity compliant assessment processes.

Specific Probity Experience:

Review of the claims management processes for the $750million Pacific Motorway project.

Probity advice for the formation of an alliance agreement for completion of the $109million Package 4 for the Pacific Motorway project.

Probity advice and submission evaluation for the $90million raising of Awoonga Dam project alliance partnership.

Probity advice for construction of a new school at Varsity Lakes under a partnership between Education Queensland and Delfin Ltd.

Probity advice for the corporate travel tender for Education Queensland.

Probity advice for the review of the future for Xavier Special School for Education Queensland.

Probity review of the selection processes for new registrars in advanced surgical training for the Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

Probity audit of the evaluation processes for submissions received for trials in innovative service delivery methods under the Future Directions: Queensland Families initiative of the Queensland Department of Families ($20million).

Probity review of the Homeless Referral tender for the Department of Communities.