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Roman Krumins Corporate Solutions

has been in operation since June 2001

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Roman Krumins


Roman Krumins grew up working from a young age with his father in his car mechanical repair business.  At the age of fifteen he suggested to his father that he become his apprentice.  His father denied that request and urged him to stay at school to then enter university and study mechanical engineering.

Roman followed his father's advice and completed his engineering studies and practiced as a professional engineer for ten years. During the second half of that period he added an MBA to his qualifications and moved into areas of Operations Management, Industrial Engineering Consulting and finally into broader Business Consulting and Project Management.

Roman also studied some law which resulted in him becoming a Certified Mediator, Grade 3 Arbitrator and Certified Workplace Adjudicator.

As a result of this varied and balanced background, Roman brings to the fore very strong analytical capability, versatile and successful facilitation skills, competent dispute resolution and implementation of enduring and sustainable organisation change.

Roman's key strength is his ability to engage with stakeholders affected by organisation change, achieve conscientious buy-in and deliver successful and enduring change outcomes.